Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This next bit of pabulum comes to you, free from commercial interuption, in three parts: Part 1, An Introduction to the Ideas That Will Make Up Parts Two and Three.

Yeah...I know.

It's been nearly a month since I last wrote something here. I have been, let's just say, less than inspired to write lately. I've spent the last month catching up on bills and things, typical of today's economic realities. As a result, my eating has been boring and cheap, even going the route of spiced up ramen noodles. But the light at the end of that tunnel is ever closer and I will find inspiration to write regularly again. I need a swift kick in the ass once in awhile, (even if the ass-kicker didn't intend it to be one) and I have reason to write again. It's all because of this.

The link I just provided, tweeted by a food blog I started reading not too long ago, Eating Madison A to Z, is one of those silly top 10 lists that are often not very representative of reality, or they try to create a list that is so subjective that normal, even-tempered people will foam at the mouth and wish death upon all those who even attempt to justify the rankings on said list. As it happens, the top 10 list here involves the "10 best American restaurants" in Madison, Wisconsin. #1...The Weary Traveler. Yes, that's what I said...The Weary Traveler, according to this website, has the best American fare in town.

OK...do me a favor...breathe. Sit down, take a few deep breaths, and relax.

There, feel better? Let's continue.

Obviously, this site isn't local, nor does it seem to have any real local connections. I'm not entirely sure how this list came to be and how the restaurants on that list got there. I say this because, for me personally, none of the restaurants mentioned would make my top 10 list here in Madison. I like most of the restaurants on the list, but none of them REALLY stand out for me. Reading this, plus reading Eating Madison A to Z, (which I recommend, by the way,) got me to thinking along two lines of thought: 1.) What, exactly, does "American" cuisine mean? and 2.) what IS the best restaurant serving American cuisine?

I have two more posts coming your way soon, gentle and not-so-gentle readers. Beware!


  1. I am going to preface this with stating that I don't have terribly refined tastes, nor have I given the subject all that much thought. Now that that is finished I am going to wave my opinion around like every other random dude who is uneducated on a certain topic.
    I would say that "American" cuisine to me is that kind of typical mac and cheese, burger and fries, casserole, type of cooking that mom used to make every Tuesday when there wasn't enough time to do anything better. If you asked me the best place in Madison for that type of food I would tell you Monty's Blue Plate (which is on the list). They do a mean meatloaf, BLT, and other classic, familiar, all-American dishes, but they make things tasty in a creative but not overly pretentious way.


  2. I live in Madison, love food but don't eat out a ton- I am always poking around the blogosphere and the twitterverse and have still never heard of several places on the list.

    Great Dane is missing. With awesome burgers, mac and cheese, and standard American comfort food- I would put them in the American category.